Large Red Chap Leather Florentine Flogger Set


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This beautiful Red Chap Leather Flogger set is perfect for Florentine.  These are matched floggers meaning they have the same weight and balance to be easy for Florentine.  Sold as a set.  They have a nice thud and whack.

  • 8 Inch Handle
  • 20 Inch Falls
  • 28 Inch Total Length

Our floggers are top quality and are simply the best.  Every flogger is balanced from handle to tails so that you get the most enjoyment out of your flogger.  A balanced flogger are easy to use and our handles are comfortable for long use. This flogger is a good large length flogger.  It allows the thrower to put more punch into the throws if desired. Because the handle and tails are balanced light throws are also easy to achieve with this flogger.


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